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Quality products, lifetime care

Our Technical Services division is geared to support and service all products sold by In Vitro Technologies. We believe in providing local services for installation, validation, maintenance, repair and training.

Our nationwide team consists of over 30 personnel with varied backgrounds including biomedical,
electrical, diagnostic, instrumentation, chemical engineering and application support.

It takes passion to work with In Vitro Technical Service. We are committed to supporting you and your investment.

  • Local service engineers
  • High level of technical knowledge
  • Perform site acceptance testing, installation
  • qualification or operation qualification on
  • all equipment
  • Extensive range of any parts and accessories

Service locations

With technical service departments located in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth; we are focused on fast, local support for you, our valued customers. Fully trained and certified engineers have the expertise to evaluate, maintain, validate and repair our extensive range of instrumentation to ensure the optimal performance of your investment.

An extensive range of spare parts is maintained in both local and national offices to ensure that repairs are completed as quickly and efficiently as possible, providing complete service support from the time of installation to the time equipment needs updating. A range of preventative maintenance programs are available to suit all budgets from simple pre-warranty expiration inspections to comprehensive all-inclusive service packages.

In Vitro Technologies offers comprehensive end user training ensuring customers are certified to safely and productively operate their equipment.
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Our Certification

In Vitro Technologies is ISO9001:2015 certified and is a registered EMC supplier with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (supplier number: N10054), permitting us to ‘compliance label’ equipment that we supply.

Where required, products provided are registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration and full maintenance and service documents are maintained to ensure the support of your medical devices. Trust your laboratory and clinical equipment to the qualified engineering team at In Vitro Technologies.

Providing knowledge

In Vitro Technologies offers comprehensive end user training ensuring customers are certified to safely and productively operate their equipment.

Technical Service can be contacted on 1300 932 156 or e-mail at

Customer Care

care teamA dedicated customer care team

In Vitro Technologies Customer Care are committed to providing an outstanding level of service with every aspect of customer contact. The team consists of highly trained and motivated individuals with a commitment to continuous improvement, ensuring that In Vitro Customer Care provides an insightful, positive experience, with all facets of customer interaction.

Customer Care is dedicated to continued growth and development; our procedures are continually audited both internally and externally to ensure that we meet both internal compliance, and external certifications.

Call us on 1300 552 003