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The LAUDA Hydro product range offers the right equipment for every laboratory application with eight water baths, two water baths with circulating function, three shaking water baths, five vaporisation water baths and one paraffin stretching bath.

LAUDA Hydro bears the GFL Technology quality mark and represents the many years of experience and outstanding quality of the premium manufacturer LAUDA-GFL Gesellschaft fur Labortechnik, which became part of the LAUDA group on Dec 31, 2019. The new laboratory devices in the modern LAUDA design have excellent performance data and are synonymous with highest quality and flexibility.

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LAUDA Hydro water baths - Applications and Features

Hydro water baths

Lauda hydro waterbaths

The high contrast 3.5-inch TFT display shows all the settings and operating values

Versatile incubation/inactivation water baths

  • Six models (4 L – 41 L)
  • Two water baths with integrated circulating system
  • Temperature range up to 100 °C (boiling temperature range)
  • Integrated timer
  • Electronic function check with visual and acoustic alarm signal in the event of an error


Hydro shaking water baths

Lauda hydro shaking waterbaths

Large bath opening for easy positioning of the samples in the shaking basket

For precise temperature control combined with gentle mixing or powerful shaking

  • Three models: linear or orbital shaking movement
  • Load-independent, infinitely variable shaking movement with a soft start
  • The two shaking water baths H 20 SW and H 20 SOW are equipped with a cooling coil as standard


Hydro vaporization water baths

Lauda hydro vaprization waterbaths

The perforated covers consist of a multi-part set of rings. The individual rings are removable

For gentle vaporization work using columns, Erlenmeyer flasks, beakers, with one, four, six or eight openings

  • Detachable perforated covers, made of heat-resistant plastic, as standard
  • Water level controller as standard
  • Specialist devices (H 11 V and H 19 V) for the evaporation of aggressive media, made completely of stainless steel, as standard

Hydro paraffin stretching bath

Lauda hydro paraffin stretching baths

Round bath with a diameter of 200 mm and a usable depth of 50 mm

For use in histological, chemical, clinical and bacteriological labs for the stretching and drying of cut tissue samples.

  • Temperature range: 25 … 80 °C
  • The bath body is made of black anodized aluminum
  • Wide bath edge for placing and drying the samples


Precision Basic and Excellent Water Baths from 10oC* to 95oC – Memmert

Memmert water baths are uniquely precise and reliable and pursue one essential goal of controlled atmosphere in their products. With modern control technology, all baths include 2-fold over temperature protection for optimum safety. You can also combine programme start delay and hold time for the water baths and even setpoint-dependent for baths of the Excellent range.

*to go to 10oC, you would require the CDP115 Peltier cooling unit. Suitable for all Memmert water baths.

Because there are such great variations in thermal tests and tested materials, Memmert offers waterbaths in two performance classes.

The six different water baths sizes of the Memmert Basic and Excellent performance classes are made from high-grade, anti-corrosion stainless steel with the latest electronics, for maximum functionality, convenience and ease of operation. With a setpoint reduction of 0.1 K, indicated temperature to the nearest 0.1 K and timer programming of switch-on delay and hold time in 1-minute steps, the accuracy of Memmert thermostatic baths is carried to a new dimension.

The tank does not contain any heating elements liable to corrode or attract lime deposits. Fully protected against moisture and yet close to the tank contents, the heating is located underneath deep-drawn and easy-to-clean ribs. This form of construction generates natural turbulence and therefore better temperature distribution in the bath (see sketch). Heating from three sides ensures optimal temperature uniformity. At 95 °C water temperature the deviation over the entire bath is less than 0.36 °C!

memmert bath

Water level control (Optional)

Where an almost constant water level is required, each thermostatic bath can optionally be fitted with a level control device. The bath is connected by hoses to the mains water system and is continuously supplied drop-wise with additional water. An overflow permits maintaining two different water levels.

Shaking Device (Optional)

The optional electronically controlled shaking device for water baths is available in two versions for different bath sizes (requires special gable cover). It converts the models from size W14 upwards into an adjustable-speed shaking bath with horizontal movement from 35 to 160 strokes per minute.

memmert bath2

Click here to download the Memmert Water Bath brochure for more details and specifications. 

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