The Reveleris® PREP purification system is a powerful, high-performance system that combines flash chromatography and preparative HPLC capabilities in a single intuitive instrument. The advanced dual-mode system serves the needs of both organic chemists and preparative HPLC chromatographers, to streamline purification processes. View more
Ideal for using both flash and preparative HPLC


  • Choose flash or preparative HPLC
  • Use both flash cartridges and preparative HPLC columns
  • Up to 200 mL/min in both flash and HPLC modes
  • Up to 1700 psi (120 bar) in preparative mode
  • 3 channel variable UV-Vis and ELS detection
  • Detects both chromophores and non-chromophores


  • Intuitive, simple software interface
  • Large 12” touch screen system control
  • Single click software switches between flash and preparative HPLC
  • No time consuming fluidics changes required
  • Easy cartridge and column installation


  • Maintain custody of your sample
  • Single click detector sensitivity choice
  • Choose how and what to collect
  • Choose speed and/or purity
  • Manage the entire purification process yourself
RevealX™ detection technology

RevealX™ detection technology

  • Simplifies fraction collection
  • Reduces post purification work
  • Maximizes recovery of target molecules


  • Improve target purities and recovery
  • Simplify method optimization
  • Reduce solvent waste/costs
  • Shorten run times
Simple switch between Flash and Preparative LC Modes

Simple switch between Flash and Preparative LC Modes

Easily switch between flash and preparative LC modes with a single touch of the screen. No need for additional hardware connections to switch between modes.

Natural Compounds

Combined flash and prep HPLC

Isolation of pure compounds from extract of natural samples is commonly performed by applying chromatography. Reveleris Prep combines both, flash- and preparative high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), in one system and therefore allows a highly efficient purification of the target compound.

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