The Scrubber with its four cleaning steps provides maximum safety. It protects the user and the environment not only by neutralizing the poisonous fumes and reaction gases but also by minimizing the use of cooling water. View more
Four steps for occupational safety


  • No exposure of the operator to harmful acid fumes
  • Maximum safety in the workplace from a self-contained design
  • Adjustable suction power to control sample dryness
  • Most efficient neutralization due to the large gas/liquid contact area


  • Automatic cooling water control provided for all Scrubber ECO models
  • Full control of the Scrubber via the digester
  • No corrosion of the fume hood
  • Maximal neutralization efficiency by the swirl discs
  • Easy evaporation of water samples (TKN)

Beyond neutralization

  • Broad range of applications due to the four cleaning steps:
  • Step 1: Pre-condensation of fumes
  • Step 2: Neutralization of acid or alkaline fumes
  • Step 3: Adsorption of organic or inorganic substances
  • Step 4: Redox-reactions of specific fumes
Expert Advice

Is it possible to collect large volumes of condensate (e.g. TKN digestion)?

Yes, using the TKN set , condensate vessel with stopcock), it is possible to drain the collected volume of liquid.

What is the purpose of the Scrubber ECO models?

The Scrubber ECO models are equipped with a cooling water control system that ensures the flow of the cooling water is only switched on when the K-415 is switched on by the digester

Is it possible to upgrade a K-415 DuoScrub to a higher model (e.g. QuadScrub ECO)?

Yes, every Scrubber model can be upgraded. Specific upgrade sets are available.

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