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The First lab Freeze Dryer for continuous sublimation

BUCHI LyovaporWith Infinite-Technology™, the Lyovapor™ L-300 is the first lab freeze dryer for continuous sublimation thanks to two alternately working condensers that are automatically cleaned. In addition, control the entire process remotely via mobile devices.

Condenser capacity:
Condensing capacity:
≤ 12 kg / 24 h
Lowest condenser temperature:


BUCHI Lyovapor Continuous Sublimation

Continuous sublimation

The most exciting feature of the Lyovapor™ L-300 is its infinite ice capacity made possible by alternate condenser loading. For the first time, you can perform continuous sublimation thanks to stable, reproducible parameters including cooling temperature, shelf temperatature variation ±1 °C, as well as vacuum pressure with Smart-Switch.


BUCHI Lyovapor Convenient


Benefit from maximal freeze-drying flexibility. Use various drying chamber options that are suited to your individual application. Install and operate the Lyovapor™ L-300 from any location or in a fume hood. An optional upgrade to Interface Pro offers you even more versatility in customizing your freeze-drying process.

BUCHI Lyovapor Economical


The Lyovapor™ L-300, as the first lab freeze dryer for continuous sublimation, offers exceptionally stable process parameters incl. cooling temperature, shelf temperature variation ±1 °C and vacuum pressure.

Plus, as a Lyovapor™ L-300 user, you can use the endpoint determination feature to fully optimize your process.

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