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Buchi's Pure chromatography instruments are extremely compact, ensure safety on the highest level and are easy to use for any flash or prep HPLC application. The platform has been designed to protect you and your sample and to get more purification in a very convenient way with using minimal space.


Space Saving

The Pure instruments enable efficient use of lab space. Several features make them fit in any limited environment:

  • Small footprint and an extra solvent platform
  • Cartridge/ column holders on the front of the system
  • Integrated UV and ELSD
  • Flash and prep HPLC in one system

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Safe Operation

Safety comes first! Therefore BUCHI developed and combined numerous state-of-the-art technologies for Pure:

  • Closed fraction collector bay ensures clean air in the lab
  • Leak and pressure sensors for safe operation
  • Remote control reduces exposure to the lab environment

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Simple to Use

Ease of use is what stands out in all Pure instruments. Key elements are:

  • The software interface follows a proven logic
  • The integrated ELSD technology is most user-friendly
  • The sample injection is universal
  • All important parts are easily accessible for cleaning or maintenance

ELSD and chromatography

Why you would choose a particular model that has the ELSD function?

Evaporative Light Scattering Detection (ELSD) is frequently used in flash and prep HPLC. The general mechanism of ELSD involves measuring the amount of light scattered by particles of solvent which have been dried through evaporation. Learn more about the built-in Pure ELSD, how it works and how it can help you to optimize your purification.

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Cartridge / Column holder

The cartridge / column holders are positioned in front of the Pure instruments so that they are easily accessible and their side parts are free.


Solvent platform

An extra solvent platform on top provides space for four bottles, eliminating the need to keep them on the bench.


Enjoy clean air using a fume enclosure

The Pure instruments can be operated safely even outside of a fume hood as they are all equipped with a fume enclosure at the fraction collector and are capable of active ventilation.


Reduced exposure to chemicals with remote control

The Pure remote control allows the user to monitor and to control its purification from a PC, tablet or smartphone.


Feel safe with your system thanks to automatic monitoring and settings

All Pure systems are equipped with sensors monitoring the vapor, pressure and the solvent level in the bottles during the whole purification run. Thanks to the RFID technology on the cartridges and the racks, potential risks of wrong settings (e.g. max pressure) are eliminated.


Flexible sample injection thanks to a smart design

The sample injection modes are as diverse as the applications themselves. Pure offers convenient ways for both liquid and solid injection. The universal flash cartridge holder allows the user to choose between bottom-top or top-bottom injection.


Minimized time for user training thanks to its simple software

All Pure systems can be easily and safely operated thanks to its dedicated software. With a single programming screen featuring simple run controls the time to train a user is minimized.

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