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lauda circleThe Complete Spectrum of Perfect Chillers and Thermoregulators for Temperature Control

Intelligent solutions for almost every application have made LAUDA the global market leader in temperature control.

Applications according to sectors

In research and development, temperature control is particularly important in the areas of sample preparation and quality assurance.  As part of the sample preparation, a pre-tempering takes place in many cases. Many processes in quality assurance require the observance of a defined temperature or the targeted change of the temperature in a defined time.

Typical applications

  • Sample preparation
  • Quality assurance
  • Research laboratory

Temperature control in the automotive sector is mainly found in test benches and material tests. All components of the automobile are exposed to particularly high temperature fluctuations. Great importance is attached to component testing on special test benches. The simulation of environmental conditions such as high or low temperatures is an important part of material testing.

Typical applications

  • Test bench applications
  • Material testing

In biotechnology, temperature control is essential to the quality of research and production results. Constant temperatures in the operation of bioreactors contribute significantly to the success of the products. As part of sample preparation, there are a variety of work steps that require reliable temperature control.

Typical applications

  • Bioreactors
  • Sample preparation

Many processes in the chemical industry where temperature plays an important role are in the field of process engineering and reactor temperature control. At tempering processes in reactors, applications such as chemical reactions, syntheses, production of drug substances, polymerizations or crystallizations take place.

Typical applications

  • Reactor temperature control
  • Process engineering

In the pharmaceutical industry, the temperature control processes range from research to production scale. To obtain high-quality reaction products, temperature control systems must reliably control the process sequence in an external reactor.

Typical applications

  • Reactor temperature control
  • Process engineering

In the production of semiconductors and the testing of electronic components, there are numerous processes that must be exactly tempered. These include, for example, the organometallic chemical vapor phase deposition (MOCVD) in semiconductor coating as a precursor of LED production. Other typical temperature-dependent investigations in the semiconductor industry include stress tests for function and load testing, environmental simulations, and in-circuit tests of electronic assemblies.

Typical applications

  • Process cooling
  • Component testing

Temperature simulations and temperature-dependent material tests are an important component in the aerospace industry. Cyclic temperature stress tests ensure that a trouble-free usage of the components used is always ensured, even under extremely fluctuating external conditions in space.

Typical applications

  • Material testing
  • Temperature simulation

In medical technology, temperature control is found primarily in the laboratory for sample preparation and in medical devices such as imaging machines, medical lasers or devices used in pharmaceutical and medical laboratories.

Typical applications

  • Medical laboratory
  • Medical device
Lauda Chillers Thermoregulators

Lauda Range 2


From water baths to high-performance process thermostats: LAUDA thermostats are characterized by their excellent handling, highly ergonomic design and intuitive operation and provide a working temperature range from −100 to 320 °C.


Heating, cooling and chilling to the accuracy of a tenth degree in a temperature range from −150 to 550 °C: with tailor-made systems for industrial applications according to modular engineering principles.


Customer-specific advice with corresponding instrument selection and development of individual temperature control solutions for an optimum cost-benefit ratio with decades of successful partnerships.


Reliable measuring instruments for the highprecision analysis of polymers, plastics, oils and surfactants – precisely tuned to the current needs of customers and the market.


Large selection
Whether it's for routine tasks, professional and economical temperature control, high cooling outputs and high cooling rates or lightning-fast temperature changes – LAUDA has the right solution for almost every requirement.

Easy handling
All LAUDA devices are characterized by excellent handling, a highly ergonomic design and intuitive operation. They also offer maximum user convenience and future-oriented software.

Proverbial quality
For more than 60 years, LAUDA has been developing, designing and producing high-quality constant temperature equipment to the highest standards in quality and safety – confirming time and again the durability and longevity that LAUDA has become known for.

Exemplary safety concepts
All products meet the most stringent safety requirements and provide peace of mind in every application, thanks to the intelligent technologies and sophisticated safety concepts.

First-class advice – internationally
The LAUDA team provides friendly, fair, and expert advice. LAUDA application experts help customers worldwide to configure application-optimized systems.

Reliable service
Robust LAUDA devices are known for their durability. If you still need additional support, we will not let you down: with quick access to comprehensives services – for greater flexibility and cost-efficiency.

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