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csm sotax at70s 3194e158e6From pre-run to post-run system cleaning – with the AT 70smart SOTAX streamlines the dissolution testing workflow through the design of features that guide method development and simplify routine operation.

The AT 70smart BS 60 can handle basket, paddle, and methods requiring sinkers. By automating vessel filling and cleaning steps, much of the hands-on time required to run up to 40 lots of dissolution in a row is eliminated. The ability to use 8 different media per batch allows the user to either run several different products in a row or to use the system as a DoE tool in formulation screening.

The AT 70smart is driven by the 21 CFR Part 11 compliant WinSOTAXplus Advanced Dissolution Software. The design of SOTAX dissolution systems is compliant with all harmonized pharmacopeia requirements for paddle and basket methods. The SOTAX AutoCompliance™ (Compliance by Design) concept with fixed shaft height and vessel auto-centering ensures reproducible and compliant vessel-shaft assembly without any manual adjustment.

From this set-up, through the complete dissolution test, to mechanical calibration (executed by SOTAX Services with the MQD Mechanical Qualification Device): all compendial requirements are satisfied. With hundreds of systems in operation worldwide, SOTAX sets the benchmark for fully automated dissolution testing.

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