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BUCHI R300 Launch

Rotary evaporators are typically used to remove solvents following chemical reactions under vacuum conditions. With over 60 years of experience in delivering rotary evaporators and extensive client consultation to ensure...


Memmert HPP Constant Temperature Chambers

Are you looking for an appliance to control temperature and humidity for environment simulation and long-term material tests?

The Memmert HPP constant temperature chambers are specifically designed for accelerated stability testing across a range of applications including food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, packaging and medical research.


Replace the Need for Water Cooled Condensers with Findenser

Radleys Findenser is an innovative air condenser that requires no running water to operate, providing a greener laboratory solution to regular water-cooled condensers. It was developed by senior research scientists and engineers at AstraZeneca who saw the need for a more effective air-condenser that could work with low boiling point solvents and replace the need for water-cooled condensers in most laboratory applications, thus reducing on-site water consumption.