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q-doc® – New version 4L available now.

From configurable process drivers to the integration of new testing instruments – the latest software version offers a whole package of new features to make your IPC processes easier and more compliant.

Besides new instrument drivers for Krüss DS7800 density meter and Novasina Labmaster-aw Neo water activity meter, we are introducing a new type of driver with q-doc® 4L: the 'process driver'.
A ‘process driver’ ensures that specific steps for a certain type of test are followed. Operators are guided through the testing process and all steps are documented automatically. This is particularly useful for procedures requiring execution of multiple manual tasks. If a test involves weighing, results can be transferred automatically from a standard laboratory balance to avoid manual transcription.


  • Particle size distribution (by sieving)
  • Bulk density
  • Tapped density
  • Net weight of capsules
  • Aspect control
  • Manual input for dimensional measurements

Additionally, the new module ‘Instrument Pooling’ now allows to share instruments between teams and colleagues. Choose from a pool of instruments and temporarily assign them to your q-doc® client. When you’re done, simply release them back to the pool.

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