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findsenserRadleys Findenser is an innovative air condenser that requires no running water to operate, providing a greener laboratory solution to regular water-cooled condensers. It was developed by senior research scientists and engineers at AstraZeneca who saw the need for a more effective air-condenser that could work with low boiling point solvents and replace the need for water-cooled condensers in most laboratory applications, thus reducing on-site water consumption. 

Findenser consists of an internal glass condenser and an external finned aluminium jacket, between which a small amount of water is permanently sealed. Both the finned aluminium jacket and glass inner were designed to have a greater surface area than is generally found in standard air condensers. The result is a ‘super’ air condenser that performs as well as a traditional water condenser. 

By removing the need for water cooling the Findenser can deliver huge reductions in laboratory water usage. Typical watercondensers use around one to four litres of water per minute. A single water condenser running at 2.5L/minute can cost around $5 per day over an 8 hour day. Over the space of a year that adds up to around $1,200 (assuming a 5 day work week). Even if your laboratory only uses a condenser for a few hours each day, at a RRP of $550 the Findenser will pay for itself in approximately 6 months by reducing your water bill. And it helps meet sustainable water reduction targets.

Flooding or water leaks are a risk whenever you have a constant running water supply. By removing the need for constant running water, the Findenser reduces the risk of flood damage and the potential hazards of mixing water and electric equipment.

Radleys Findenser comes in a wide range of volumes with flasks from 100mL to 2L and can hold a maximum of 1L of solvent. It’s designed to work with conventional laboratory clamps and fits standard tapered glass sockets. It also has a number of other innovative features, such as contoured edges to prevent it rolling during storage. 

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