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Reactions at low temperatures -
theory, tools & tips for better efficiency

Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th April

This webinar is offered at 5 different times to suit all time zones.

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20 Minute Webinar

It is often necessary for chemists to perform reactions at temperatures close to or below 0°C. In this webinar we will explore the theory of low temperature reactions (thermodynamics vs kinetics), the types of reactions that require cold temperatures and the challenges that chemists face when attempting to maintain low temperatures during reactions.

We also discuss some tips on maximising the performance of cold reactions versus the traditional methods as well as some considerations when scaling up.

Key learning objectives:

  1. The theory behind reactions at 0°C and the types of reactions that require cold temperatures
  2. The challenges that chemists face when performing cold reactions
  3. Advice on optimising your equipment for performing reactions at low temperature

Who should attend?

  1. Lab technicians
  2. Research chemists
  3. Undergraduate chemists

Webinar speakers

Ravi Hosein

Ravi Hosein

Ravi has a Masters in Chemistry and joined Radleys after working as an organic chemist in industry for over three years. His role as Product Manager is to look after all things Reactor-Ready Lab Reactor and AVA Lab Control Software.

Dr Jenna Spencer-Briggs

Sam McCormack

Jenna has a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Sheffield. She joined Radleys after working at Cardiff University where taught lectures and labs. In her role as Scientific Content Writer she uses her chemical knowledge to help explain the impact of our products.