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A seized joint is a common problem when working with standard ground glass joints – you’ve finished your experiment, go to separate the socket and the cone, and find they will not come apart! Most of us have experienced this in the lab at one point or another. So how can you avoid the frustration?

In this video Radleys share their hints and tips for how to unstick a ground glass joint including:

1: Knocking or tapping the joint
2: Soaking the joint
3: Cooling or heating the joint Whichever method you choose, you should always consider your chemistry, and ensure any actions you carry out are safe for your specific set-up.

The most common glass joint you will come across in the lab is the ground glass joint. Ground glass joints can be precisely ground to a reproducible taper or shape. They are made to join two pieces of glassware together.

In this video, glass joint sizes, how to secure the joints and how to avoid them getting stuck will be discussed.