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In this video Sam McCormack gives an introduction to the Carousel 6 Plus Reaction Station, which allows you to simultaneously heat, stir and reflux up to 6 reactions under an inert atmosphere using a single hotplate.

We go through the three components that make up the Carousel 6 Plus Reaction Stations: the Carousel Core + Hotplate, the Carousel 6 and the glassware. We discuss the hotplate’s digital interface, locking system and compatibility with an external Pt1000 temperature probe. We then move on to the patented design of the Carousel 6 which ensures uniform heat transfer through the anodised aluminium base and uniform stirring by utilisation of the secondary magnetic field. The reflux head enables water to flow evenly to each position replacing the need for standard reflux condensers. A wide range of glassware is available to use with the Carousel 6 Plus Reaction Station.

The Carousel 6 Plus Reaction Stations allows chemists to screen chemical reactions in parallel using a multi-position reaction station. The space saving design allows for up to 6 reactions to be run in parallel using just one hotplate. Conducting different reactions simultaneously is ubiquitous in a variety of chemical industries, including organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry and polymer chemistry, and across academia, CROs, CDMOs and Pharma. Parallel synthesis can be useful in route-scouting, catalyst screening and reaction optimisation.

Carousel 6 Plus Reaction Station Features:
• Powerful, even magnetic stirring – utilising the secondary magnetic field of the hotplate • Rapid and controlled heating to 180 °C via the aluminium base
• Good visibility of all reaction flasks
• Efficient, water-cooled reflux head
• Inert all 6 positions with a single inert gas connection
• Quick to set up, easy to use and maintenance free
• Wide range of vessel sizes from 5 mL to 250 mL
• Variable flask formats: sidearms, baffles, wide-neck and azeotropic
• Easy-On PTFE caps feature a quick-thread for a gas-tight seal to the flasks
• Easy to clean contoured surface
• PTFE heat protection ring helps protect users

The Cooled Carousel 6 Plus Reaction Station allows for sub-ambient parallel synthesis at temperatures down to -78 °C. The Tornado Plus Overhead Stirring System integrates with the Carousel 6 Plus for powerful, overhead, mechanical stirring which is useful for viscous samples and process development. For more information visit: