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Mya 4 - our most innovative reaction station is now available – and it’s inspired by you!

After listening to what you told us you needed to make your work in the lab easier and more productive we set out to create our most ambitious piece of equipment yet.

We are incredibly excited to finally share with you the results of years of hard work: Mya 4 – a super flexible reaction station for chemists working in discovery all the way to process labs.

Mya 4 has lots of features geared towards boosting your productivity and safety in the lab. You can use it to:

  • Run four reactions at once, each at a different temperature and stirring speed.
  • Heat and actively cool reactions, from -30 to +180 °C.
  • Stir your reactions using the integrated magnetic stirring, or the optional overhead stirrers, at speeds from 100 rpm to 1000 rpm.
  • Safely leave your reaction unattended 24/7. Because it’s software-controlled, you can programme how long the reaction should run for and set any safety limits. And your data will automatically be recorded too.

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pdf Download the Mya 4 Brochure

Meeting the demands of the modern lab

Mya 4 is designed to cater for the demands of working in a chemistry lab today.

Radleys research and development manager Martyn Deal explained how the product was developed with this in mind. He said: “We have seen more of a drive towards automation, better control, and creating, storing and analysing data.”

Mya 4’s software gives chemists precise control over their reaction, so it improves accuracy. It also logs results automatically, allowing for further analysis of the data.

Working collaboratively is also a lot simpler with Mya 4. Martyn said: “You could download the details of your experiment, send them to a scientist across the world, and they would be able to reproduce it precisely.”

Mya 4 takes up less bench space compared to four separate set-ups side-by-side. Lack of fume hood space is increasingly seen as an expensive problem in labs across the world. As suppliers of chemistry equipment, we’re coming across more and more labs where fume hoods are dedicated to a particular application (e.g. synthesis, work-up, purification) and shared by many chemists. Labs are moving away from having the personal space many of us got used to during our early research years. Mya 4 has been created to help modern labs with this transition.

w8 very busy fume cupboard









Is your fume cupboard as overcrowded as this? Mya 4 Reaction Station could save you precious fume hood space

Designed by chemists and improved by users’ feedback

Mya 4 has undergone more testing than any other product we have ever produced, so it is incredibly reliable and very user-friendly.

"It is completely intuitive. Without any prior training you could walk into the lab and be able to use it."

"We gave the product to people and watched how they interacted with it, then went back and refined it," Martyn.

Incredible flexibility

So, what makes Mya really stand out? It brings together lots of features to make life in the lab easier and it offers greater flexibility than other similar products on the market. Mya 4 offers tons of glassware options, so it can adapt to the changing needs of your projects. It can be used with reaction vessels ranging from round bottom flasks to process vessels, including tubes and vials, from 2 to 400 ml. It’s also super intuitive and user-friendly… had we mentioned this already?