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Researchers at the Institute for Molecular Nutritional Medicine Technische Universität München are using two Memmert HPP 750 constant climate chambers to research the influence of ambient temperature on energy requirements for temperature regulation in mice. [1] Like all mammalian species, mice have a thermoneutral zone. When the ambient temperature is within this zone (30 – 32oC for mice), the body’s basal rate of heat production is equal to the rate of heat loss to the external environment. Below this zone, mice lose heat to their surroundings and need to find additional energy for heat production.

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For projects in nutrition and metabolism research, it is important to measure the metabolic rate under defined thermal conditions. The normal room temperature when keeping mice is about 22oC, which represents a slight cold stimulus for the mice, resulting in considerable physiological adaptation. When a mouse is moved from 30 to 22oC, there is a significant increase in pulse rate and a doubling of the metabolic rate. Food intake also increases and as does the amount of brown adipose tissue, which is required for higher heating output.  

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Memmert HPP 750 constant climate chambers are an important laboratory tool for research requiring the measurement of metabolic rates. With two chambers, the researchers at the Institute of Molecular Medicine are able to keep mice at different temperatures, over short and long periods, so that their thermoregulatory efficiency and flexibility can be studied. Various strains and lines of mice are kept at 30oC (within the thermoneutral zone) and 5oC, at 55 – 60% relative % humidity, in a specific pathogen free state. The Memmert customization department modified the chambers by integrating a compressed air drying unit, to ensure that the humidity remained within the required levels at 5oC. LED lighting, with a timer, was also included to allow for the simulation of day and night rhythms.


Using Peltier technology, no gases or coolants are need to run the chambers, so there is no hazardous waste. The inner chamber is hermetically sealed to ensure the interior environment remains pathogen free. 


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