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CARBOLITE GERO has announced a completely updated GPCMA/174 Retort Furnace suitable for a variety of laboratory, pilot scale and industrial applications requiring heat treatment to 1150 °C


The 174 litre General Purpose Chamber Furnace with a Modified Atmosphere [GPCMA/174] reduces O2 levels to below 30 ppm ensuring a perfect finish to the final part. It has a swing door for ease of loading & unloading. Continuous monitoring of inert gas flow volumes and forced cooling for faster cycle times are further features to ensure safe and efficient operation. With unrivalled uniform temperature distribution and gas tightness (ensuring minimal usage of expensive gases) at high temperatures, a DMLS ‘impossible part’ can be annealed to ensure the final uncontaminated product acquires the correct metallurgical composition with all stresses removed.

The revised model now boasts cascade control for outstanding load temperature sensing. Designed with a modified inert atmosphere for the annealing and sintering of Additive Manufacturing applications, it can be optionally fitted for compliance to AMS 2750E Class 1 (+/-3C) and can also be equipped with Instrumentation type A, B, C or D.

This Furnace is ideal for those involved in rapid prototyping, manufacturing one-offs or small batches using the DMLS Additive Manufacturing process. Our solution is affordable and delivers outstanding results. It is therefore a perfect match for applications which call for a single platform furnace and small volume requirements for one-off components.

Other models in the range are the GPCMA/37, GPCMA/56, GPCMA/117, GPCMA/208 & GPCMA/245.

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