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Rotary Tube Furnaces are used for the quick and easy production of laboratory-scale samples with excellent homogeneity for R&D and quality control.

CARBOLITE GERO’s HTR 11/75 and HTR 11/150 furnaces are suitable for calcinations, pyrolysis or reactive gas treatment of a great variety of powders and granulates with volumes up to 50 cm3 or 700 cm3 respectively. The speed of the oscillating reactor can be selected in a range from 1 to 8 rpm. The sample is constantly mixed and homogenized at a temperature of up to 1100 °C. 

carbolite manThe HTR series is a cost-effective intermediate step in the upscaling process from laboratory to production scale. In batch operation the furnaces are used to optimize the duration of the heat treatment process under controlled atmosphere (air, inert or reactive gas); it is therefore possible to ascertain the variables for a continuous process as it takes place, for example, in a rotating tube furnace.

CARBOLITE GERO specialises in customised solutions which are achieved in close co-operation with the customer. For example, a furnace was developed for a customer in the chemical industry in which four HTR 11/75 Rotary Reactor Tube Furnaces were placed in a very small space to simultaneously calcinate a large number of zeolithe samples. This process, an important part of quality control for the customer, can now be achieved quickly and cost-effectively so that possible rejects are immediately detected.


  • Maximum temperature 1100 °C
  • Gas control with needle valve and flow meter
  • Up to 4 samples of 50cm3 each can be treated simultaneously
  • 1 to 8 rotations per minute selectable (oscillating)
  • Wide selection of PID and program controllers