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Columns are history! Introducing the Pure Essential Chromatography system.

Prepare to experience the power and speed of the Pure Essential Chromatography System, the ideal choice for a robust and reliable flash chromatography solution. Intelligently designed for simplicity and safety while remaining powerful enough for the most demanding applications. Ideal for users taking their first steps into automated chromatography. The innovative system provides a versatile solution for your needs; designed to maximize potential in minimal space, this instrument is ideal for entry-level users and crowded labs. 

The Pure Essential Chromatography System offers: 

  • A powerful 50 bar pump able to handle the most demanding tasks
  • An optional fraction collector and UV detector that is automatically configured
  • A compact size and stackable design
  • State-of-the-art software enabling quick and easy programming of methods and on-the-fly parameter adjustments

And a whole lot more! 

Meet the new Pure Essential Chromatography System!

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