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What is ash fusibility testing?

When coal is combusted at high temperatures, for instance in a power plant furnace, the heat from the burning coal is often sufficient to melt its own ash. As the ash cools it solidifies into a glassy slag or clinker. Industrial coal furnaces suffer from clinker build-up, which can be costly to remove and result in operation downtime.

Ash fusibility testing simulates the behavior of coal ash when heated in a reducing or an oxidizing atmosphere, allowing data on temperatures for melt, flow, and sintering to be measured. This testing can determine the ash fusibility of various fuels and how to reduce clinker formation.

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The feature packed CAF G5

Carbolite is a world-leading manufacturer of high temperature furnaces and ovens for laboratory, research, and process application.

The original Carbolite CAF Digital was designed to test the ash fusibility of coal, biomass and solid recovered fuels in order to determine sintering, melting, and flow temperatures. The recently released Carbolite CAF G5 offers great enhancements on all the original features of the CAF Digital, and comes with a wide range of new features that offer increased efficiency and higher quality test results. The CAF G5 has also been designed to conform to all relevant ISO, ASTM, DD, and PD Standards.

Some of the great features of the CAF G5 include:
• The ability to test six or more samples at any time in a single furnace thanks to a large 79mm diameter work tube. 
• Easy access to the work tube to allow fast loading and unloading of test samples.
• Fast heat-up and cool-down rates thanks to lightweight insulation. Up to three tests per day can be completed.
• A large range of safety features, including a ‘fail-safe’ gas system for safety when testing with toxic and flammable gases.
• A maximum temperature of 1600°C for coal and biomass testing. An optional work tube integrated lighting system allows for testing low ‘initial deformation’ temperature of biomass samples.

The CAF G5 comes with an inbuilt computer running Windows 7, saving precious space in the laboratory. The software can be easily upgraded as new updates are released.

An inbuilt temperature controller program offers the choice of automatic or manual analysis of samples. In automatic mode, the CAF G5 will identify the four melt-point profiles and create graphical data of the form factors; including height, width, and shape. In manual analysis mode a grid overlay feature allows for greater accuracy when comparing the height and width of each sample.

Another great feature of the CAF G5 is the high quality inbuilt digital camera that can automatically and continuously record images. The camera is easy to access and use, and comes with enhanced resolution capabilities. Users can zoom in on samples and pre-set the frequency at which images are recorded, from every 1°C to 20°C increments. And since image recording can be completely automated, technicians can continue with other tasks while a test is in progress and review the results at a later date.


Where can I find more information about Carbolite?

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