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Radleys offer green alternatives to commonly used lab equipment to help organisations throughout the globe reduce their carbon footprint. If you want to make your lab more sustainable, and reduce your carbon footprint, then read on...


Replace your water-cooled condensers with Findenser. Water is one of our planet’s most precious resources and preventing waste is key to running a sustainable lab. Treating, supplying and using water can mean throwing energy down the drain.



Choose Heat-On as an alternative to oil baths when heating round bottom flasks.With no harmful oil waste to dispose of, it is environmentally friendly. Heat-On is also more cost effective and can save as much as £1148 over three years.


StarFish Work Station

Replace five individual hotplates with just one StarFish, your multi-purpose work for heating and stirring. It increases productivity, saves space and energy. Use StarFish instead of an oil bath, and prevent environmental waste.
Bradford University (an eco-versity) chose to use StarFish instead of individual water baths and heating mantles, so they could reduce energy, waste and costs.


GreenHouse Blowdown Evaporator

Perform parallel evaporation of samples in either 8 or 24 vials, tubes or microtiter plates with the GreenHouse Blowdown Evaporator - an environmentally-friendly way to carry out parallel evaporation because it traps solvents, so they are not released into the atmosphere.