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Need a new Kjeldahl?

Trade-in your old Kjeldahl system before the end of July 2018 and receive 20% off the purchase of a new system.

Increase productivity with the Büchi Kjelmaster

Comprehensively safe

  • Compliant and flexible plug-and-measure titration concept (colorimetric / potentiometric)
  • Safe operation, user protection and guided routine operation
  • Different access levels of authorization according to GLP requirements
  • Reproducible results with the smart distillation mode “IntelliDist”
  • Data security supported by intelligent software

Safe and convenient

  • Intuitive operation via the large graphical color touch screen (8.4”)
  • Simple LIMS integration and traceable data recording
  • No errors in routine operations by the sophisticated KjelLink PC software
  • Optimal and stable working conditions by self-adjusting cooling water control


  • Shortest time-to-result due to well synchronized process steps
  • Upgrade onsite for highest sample loads by connecting the KjelSampler
  • Fully automated workflow for high sample loads
  • Automatic data exchange with complementary peripherals

Add the autosampler for even greater efficiency:


  • Unattended operation of 24 samples (K-376) or 48 samples (K-377)
  • Perfect process synchronisation of all steps from digestion to automated sampling
  • Fully automated by the KjelMaster K-375
  • Continuous batch workflow using two independent rack trays (K-377)


  • Smallest bench top system
  • “Express rack” privileges high priority samples
  • Automatic or manual operation at any time
  • All BUCHI sample tubes to be used (100 mL, 300 mL, 500 mL)

Convenient and safe

  • No sample tube cleaning
  • Reliable and clean processing with no glass transfer
  • No contact with chemicals due to automated handling of reagents
  • Smooth and safe sample rack loading at any time
  • Longest glass lifetime due to short exposure to chemicals

Need a lower cost solution? The Büchi Kjelflex K-360 is the option


  • Customizable analysis methods for multi-purpose use
  • Modular concept to adapt to changing needs
  • Modern instrument software enabling convenient routine use
  • Connection to various external titrators for semi-automated processing

Data security

  • Storage of results on the instrument (titrant consumption)
  • Data export on USB printer for documentation purposes
  • No unauthorized use due to password protection


  • Acid resistant pump for additional steam distillation applications
  • Wide selection of titrators for colorimetric or potentiometric procedures
  • Reduction of steam power for gentle distillation
  • Choice of glass or plastic splash protector

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