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Automated USP 1 basket exchange and sinker retrieval.

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tickFLEXIBILITY - Automate your dissolution process with basket (USP 1) or paddle methods with sinkers (USP 2) tick CopyBASKETS - Unattended exchange of baskets for USP 1 dissolution tests
tick Copy 2CAPACITY - Safe and protected storage for up to 32 dissolution batches tick Copy 4SINKER REMOVAL – Reliably retrieves sinkers from the vessels upon dissolution test completion
tick Copy 3CONVENIENT - Used baskets and sinkers are collected in a separate container for cleaning tick Copy 5SINKERS - Able to retrieve different type of sinkers including Japanese sinkers


Seamless Integration.

The modular RS robotic station can easily be added to your fully automated dissolution system ATF Xtend™. Perform a complete USP 1 method automatically from placement basket handling to a streamlined post-test cleaning routine. Or use the RS to retrieve sinkers from the vessels after a USP 2 paddle method.

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Basket exchange.

Automate your basket placements during USP 1 methods with the RS. The baskets containing the dosage form are safely stored in an organized position awaiting their transfer to the ATF Xtend™ bath. The system capacity can be anywhere from a single batch to 32 unattended runs.

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Sinker removal.

Introduce different styles of sinkers into your ATF Xtend™ dissolution bath during a standard USP 2 paddle method. With the RS, sinkers (even Japanese sinkers) are easily removed from the vessels after a dissolution test, allowing for unsupervised cleaning and automated start of the next run.

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