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duoReactor-Ready™ Duo Lab Reactor - 100 ml to 5 litres


All the benefits of Reactor-Ready with two vessels in parallel or series

Reactor-Ready Duo shares the same unique features as Reactor-Ready but holds two independent jacketed glass reaction vessels. The system can be configured to operate with a single thermoregulator controlling the jacket temperature of both vessels simultaneously; or with two thermoregulators controlling the temperature of each vessel independently.

" allows us to run reactions in parallel, whereby we use a single circulator to deliver the same temperature to adjacent vessels, allowing us to easily vary other key experimental parameters."
Associate Professor, Stefan Bon, Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick

Reactor-Ready Features

  • Rapid exchange of both vessels independently, with quick-release vessel clamp and hose couplings.
  • Choice of manifold kits allow two vessels to run from a single thermoregulator or two separate thermoregulators.
  • System accepts two overhead stirrers which can be operated independently.


  • Parallel synthesis or reaction optimisation: Use similar or different size vessels and vary stirring speed, stirrer shape and temperature between vessels.
  • Two stage reaction: Transfer reactant from one vessel to the other using vacuum or a pump.
  • Single reaction vessel: Using the second vessel as either a receiving or feed vessel (where reagents can be pre-heated or pre-cooled prior to addition).
  • Use optional Control Software to control fluid transfer between vessels.

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