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W10 Work Up SpeediFlowGreenHouse Work-Up Station™

24 Position parallel, rapid and sequential purification in a 24 well micro titer plate footprint

Key Features

  • Innovative stacked column design allows two levels of sequential purification e.g. phase separation and SPE or filtration and SPE, one above the other.
  • Removable upper support plate allows unit to be used for single or sequential purification.
  • Clear gas cover allows pressure to be applied to increase flow rate of difficult samples
  • Accommodates all standard 3ml and 6ml tabbed or tabless SPE or filtration columns.
  • Accepts all standard 24 well micro titer plates, as well as GreenHouse Reaction Blocks for fraction collection.
  • Full range of Filtration, Phase Separation and SPE Columns including Silica, SCX, Aminopropyl and SAX Acetate.

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