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GreenHouse Plus Parallel SynthesiserGreenHouse Plus Parallel Synthesiser

24 heated and stirred reactions from 0.5ml to 7ml. With refluxing and an inert atmosphere.

The GreenHouse Plus provides 24 heated and stirred glass reactions with volumes from 0.5ml to 7ml. The combined reflux and additions head allows for convenient additions or withdrawals whilst maintaining an inert atmosphere.

GreenHouse Plus brings all the benefits in productivity of parallel synthesis at a fraction of the cost of automated systems. Holding 24 glass reaction tubes in a removable reaction block with the same footprint as a standard micro titer plate (MTP), the GreenHouse Plus facilitates rapid transfer of samples by multi-channel pipettor or robotic systems.

Key Features

  • Powerful stirring and rapid heating to 150˚C
  • Optional HDPE cooling reservoir for chilled reactions to -78˚C using acetone and dry ice
  • 24 tube, micro titer plate footprint
  • Reaction volumes from 0.5ml to 7ml
  • Removable water cooled reflux head
  • Perform reactions under an inert atmosphere
  • Easy viewing of tube contents during experiments
  • Nickel plated aluminium offers excellent chemical resistance

See the GreenHouse Plus Systems pages for our easy to order kits containing all the items you will need.

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GreenHouse Plus Parallel Synthesiser

  • RR99610 GreenHouse Plus Parallel Synthesiser
  • Includes: Head, Base, Glass cylinder and two reaction blocks

The GreenHouse Plus Family

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