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w10 ra19243 greenhouse blowGreenHouse Blowdown Evaporator™

Parallel evaporation of samples in 8 or 24 vials, tubes and micro titer plates.

Environmentally-friendly parallel evaporation of chemistry samples and HPLC fractions.

Move away from processing samples one at a time by streamlining your post-purification evaporation with GreenHouse Blowdown. Perform parallel evaporation of samples in either 8 or 24 vials, tubes or microtiter plates.

This compact evaporation system allows you to either upgrade your existing GreenHouse parallel synthesiser to perform parallel evaporation, or to purchase as a separate stand alone bench-top evaporator.

Be productive
Perform parallel evaporation on multiple samples simultaneously. Evaporation is directly from your sample vial.

Be green
Trap your solvent and prevent release into the atmosphere.

Be precise
Digital temperature control offers precise management of evaporation rate and temperature; protecting sensitive samples.

Be compatible
Microtiter plate footprint fits your automated process or robotic platform.

Key Features

  • Precise control of inert gas flow combined with digital control of heating carefully evaporates your samples.
  • Interchangeable pin plates with either 8 or 24 hollow blowdown pins deliver an equal flow of gas to each tube, vial or well.
  • The absence of a vacuum avoids bumping, protecting the sample during evaporation.
  • Nickel plated aluminium offers excellent chemical resistance.
  • Easy viewing of samples during evaporation.
  • Optional flowmeter precisely controls flow of inert drying gas.

w13 blowdown key features

Accommodates GreenHouse tubes, vials and micro titer plates

  • GreenHouse reaction tubes can be evaporated directly in the standard GreenHouse reaction block without the need to load or reload the block.
  • A selection of vial racks are available to hold the most popular vial sizes in 6 x 4 and 4 x 2 arrays.

Compatible with:

  • 0.5ml to 7ml GreenHouse tubes
  • 8 or 24 position vial racks
  • 13mm, 13.8mm, 15mm, 24.3mm & 27.8mm ø vials
  • 8 or 24 well micro titer plates

The GreenHouse Family

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