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W10 Work Up SpeediFlowCarousel Work-Up Station™

For parallel filtration, phase separation or SPE - uses 70ml columns

Carousel Work-Up Station

Easy-to-use, 12 position, parallel work-up station reduces post-synthesis bottle-necks.

The Carousel Work-Up Station facilitates parallel or sequential work-up of up to 12 samples, using filtration, phase separation, liquid/liquid extraction or SPE techniques.

Key Features

  • Accepts 12 x 70ml columns loaded into one of two identical stackable racks.
  • The lower rack supports 12 Carousel Reaction Tubes or standard 1 inch boiling tubes for sample collection and the upper rack holds your columns.
  • Unique vacuum free design uses no taps, valves or drip needles, making assembly and operation fast and simple. Minimising cleaning and consumable costs.
  • Vacuum free operation also makes removal of collection tubes easy and prevents drying of columns.
  • Use under gravity or with the SpeediFlow Booster, which allows precise individual control of solvent flow within each column and speeds up your work-ups.
  • Ergonomically designed aluminium racks are easy to load with collection tubes or columns. They are stable with good access/visibility of all columns and tubes.
  • Identical racks lock together for ease of operation or transportation from location to location.
  • An optional 3rd rack can be stacked above the 2nd rack for sequential work-up.

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SpeediFlow™ Booster

  • The SpeediFlow is a hand held pressuriser which fits into the top of your plastic column, to push the mobile phase through the column.
  • Features a mechanically expandable Viton O-ring, operated by a trigger with an integral locking device, for unsupported gas tight operation
  • SpeediFlow features a safety relief valve that vents at 6 to 8psi, preventing accidental over-pressure.
  • SpeediFlow Booster increases flow rates to speed up your work-ups.

W10 Work Up SpeediFlow2Carousel Work-Up Station

RR99830 Carousel Work-Up Station (Two racks and SpeediFlow)

Carousel Work-Up Components and Accessories

RR99831 Carousel Work-Up Rack
RR99840 SpeediFlow Gas Connection Tubing - 5m length
RR91080 Quick-Thread Glass Reaction Tube 24mm x 150mm
RR91081 Quick-Thread Glass Reaction Tube 24mm x 150mm

SpeediFlow™ Adapter Heads

The SpeediFlow includes a range of optional adapters to fit all standard plastic column sizes including 15ml, 25ml, 70ml and 150ml, plus the Whatman AutoCup®. Thus allowing the SpeediFlow to be used in other SPE or filtration applications.

RR99850 SpeediFlow Booster (with 70ml Column Adapter)
RR99852 SpeediFlow Adapter Head (for 15ml Columns)
RR99854 SpeediFlow Adapter Head (for 25ml Columns)
RR99856 SpeediFlow Adapter Head (for 150ml Columns)
RR99858 SpeediFlow Adapter Head (for Whatman AutoCup®)
RR99862 Replacement Viton O-ring (for 15ml Columns)
RR99864 Replacement Viton O-ring (for 25ml Columns)
RR99860 Replacement Viton O-ring (for 70ml Columns)
RR99861 Replacement Perlast O-ring (for 70ml Columns)
RR99866 Replacement Viton O-ring (for 150ml Columns)
RR99868 Replacement Viton O-ring (for Whatman AutoCup®)