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Franz Cell productPermeGear vertical glass diffusion cells are the original Franz Cells. Standard orifice diameters are 5mm, 7mm, 9mm, 11.28mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm, other diameters are custom. The word “orifice” as it refers to a Franz Cell is the area at the top of the receptor chamber that is exposed to the membrane or device through which transport or permeation is being studied. Corresponding volumes from 5ml to 20ml are standard and are listed under Typical Dimensions. Clamping is achieved through o-ring joints, flat ground (ground o-ring) joints and flat flange joints. We manufacture our own clamps for the most popular Franz Cell models. Our clamps are all stainless steel and are much easier to use than clamps from other suppliers.

We welcome requests for custom cells!

PermeGear’s master glassblowers have created over 1000 different types of Franz Cells, all of them to customers’ specifications. We offer 4 different joints, 10 different orifice diameters, almost any receptor volume, and amberization. We can provide jacketing and custom flow porting for both donor and receptor chambers, and many different kinds of stoppers and accessories for donor chambers. Porting of all diameters for ultrasound probes, iontophoresis electrodes, and other devices is available too. Don’t hesitate to inquire!

pdf Download the PermeGear guide to Standard Franz Cell Dimensions (PDF)